It's a Dangerous World


 Are you tried of feeling anxious, nervous, or frustrated over whether you can defend yourself and your family? It is no secret violent attacks are on the rise.  


 We know exactly how you feel that is why Dayton Krav Maga is here to be your survival guide to this dangerous world! When you become a training student of Dayton Krav Maga, you can rest easy knowing that you are learning how to defend yourself and your family. 


 Dayton Krav Maga can eliminate your worries about self-protection! Have the peace of mind you always wanted and feel safe! 

Free Report to Help Keep Your Family Safe

 This time of year criminals are working extra hard to cause harm to you and your family.  To make sure your family does not fall victim, download our free report by filling out the information below.  These tips are some simple things you can do to help keep your family safe!   .

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Excellent, practical survival training and it is also fun. We chose this school because of its experienced instructors, and we have not been disappointed. Our kids are training with us, and their instruction is age-appropriate, which of course is important considering the nature of Krav Maga. Highly recommend!"  


DKM Client

 "The Teachers are serious but quite patient. Beginner or veteran to the class. You learn something EVERY time and retain it." 


DKM Client 

 "I’ve been taking private lessons from Dayton Krav Maga for 2 years and it’s one of the best self defense decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve spent more than 15 years teaching people disaster preparedness and how to maintain a condition of readiness, but after the first 3 lessons I realized I could have been providing much more value to the people I have trained had I learned Krav Maga years ago. I have been training with Tim Tharp, who is one of the best instructors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. If you’re looking for an excellent self defense system and great instructors, Dayton Krav Maga is the best choice, in my opinion. I will definitely be working with Tim and with Dayton Krav Maga well into the future"


DKM Clint 

Easy to Learn Training

Private Lessons


Make a commitment to learn how you and your loved ones can truly survive in a dangerous situation. You can learn and develop your survival skills with an expert instructor at your own pace.    



 Are you interested in becoming safer and more confident while learning real world survival tactics? Dayton Krav Maga will be offering seminars through out the year based on current threats. We will help you and your family SURVIVE modern day threats.    

Corporate Training


Corporate training workshops tailored to the needs of businesses and service industries including, but not limited to, law enforcement, military, security teams, teachers, realtors and health care professionals.   

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