Third Party Risk Management

We can help keep your Organization Safe and Secure

Vendors are essential to the daily operation of your organization, but they can present a new layer of risk. Spartan Threat Management Group can help ensure your organization is only doing business with safe and secure vendors. It is no secret that there have been a lot of data breaches over the past few years and many of these have been traced back to third party vendors. The best way to fix this problem is smarter vendor risk management.

Services we offer for managing third party risk include:

  • A complete vendor security risk assessment that will help your organization determine if the vendor is safe to do business with and if they meet your security requirements. We also help determine if the vendor meets industry security standards.
  • Help developing new third-party risk programs or refining existing programs. We provide recommendations that will help with scalability as you develop and execute your assessment program.
  • Conduct a GAP analysis on your existing program and provide recommendations, policies, tools and scoring methodologies that will help to optimize your assessment process.
  • Education and training, so your risk team can be the best at what they do. We will also provide you with a complete training plan to train future team members.

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